Moles and Skin Cancer

Removal and Discussion - With Photos

I discovered that skin moles could be removed with hydrogen peroxide some years ago.  This lead me to ponder the nature of moles: what are they, that peroxide will remove them?  Especially considering that it does not effect surrounding skin tissue, only the mole.  This fact removes the idea that the peroxide is in some way burning the mole, or it would do it to the surrounding tissue. 

Peroxide is known for killing "germs", so I wanted to test the idea that moles were external "tumors".  Tumors inside the body are made up of microorganisms, according to Sagacious theory (for more information, see the page on Cancer) .  It will definitely help an understanding of this page about the skin if you read the cancer one first.  The foundation of benign and malignant cancers being microorganisms will be necessary to follow the synapse jumps on this page.  

The theory I was testing is as follows:

1) Moles are microorganisms.

2) Certain herbs fight and/or kill microorganisms.

3) Moles are external tumors.

4) Cancer is caused by microorganisms.

5) A mole can be removed without surgery.

6) A mole can be removed with herbs.

They are BIG claims to make, I'm not ignorant of that fact.  But just because I don't have a lab coat on or the right letters after my name, doesn't mean I can't take us all on a journey down a science path and explore the realms of the "big guys".  Let's have a look at what we have and what we know.

I bought some herbs known to treat both cancer AND fight infections internally, and it is a black goo made up of:

black walnut hull


Oregano oil

There is no peroxide in there, no antibiotics or anything else other than what I have listed.

These are the things you would take internally for tumors (benign or malignant) and to fight numerous infections, including viruses.  

Moles appear on the body at any stage of life, but once there, they don't budge.  They stay.  Sometimes they grow, sometimes they get "nasty" and cancerous, but they stay, and that's that.  If you are diagnosed with a skin cancer, chances are extremely high that it will be on a mole that started to show signs of infection or a "wound that isn't healing" (if up to speed on Sagacious cancer theory, you get what I'm saying with that).  If moles are external tumors (and this isn't a new idea) then the cause would have to be the same as internal tumors.  More importantly, anything that "cures" or removes a tumor would have to be considered for potential use for internal tumors.  The implications would be enormous.

I chose a mole on my own body to experiment on, the biggest one I had which was on my left breast, closer to the upper chest wall at about 12 o'clock.  I put the goo on one day and nothing happened.  I put the goo on again and covered it with a bandaid. 

I took a photo that night when I was changing the bandaid:

What you see in the picture above are tiny black specs on the mole, which are left over bits of the goo that wouldn't wipe off.  You can also see the shape of the bandaid around the area.  Interestingly, already it has a slight pus look about it, under the black specs.  I did not know it would change so rapidly so I didn't get a pure before shot, I do have some of that mole in my general photos and I will find one to post here. 

Two days later and this photo clearly shows activity of an infectious nature.  The mole has been almost completely replaced by pus.  There is a slight reddening around the area.  There is a little discomfort at this stage, but not pain.  

WOW.  VERY active now.  It has swollen like a blister and is "full" of pus.   You can still see edges of the mole, like it is "capped" in pus.  The black bits are still the herbs, which I put on fresh every day covered just in a bandaid.

 The black is the herbal mixture, which has became too hard to fully remove each day so I just reapplied fresh on top and around it. 

The depth of the crevice is evident in this one.  The top couldn't handle the pressure anymore and dried a little and came off.  It isn't finished yet though.  It is very painful at this stage, esp when I get oregano oil anywhere near it.  I used a tissue as a pad underneath the bandaid at this stage.

In this one you can see a whole chunk of the mole has not been very effected by the treatment at the bottom right area.  A crater has been created, moles are definitely the tips of an iceberg, and the "roots" of it go very deep and wide.  In this photo it is at least double the size it was.

I kept plugging away with the herbs and the fight kept on.  In this one, you can see that bottom area is starting to get breached by the herbal chemicals finally.  Tiny white pus patches showing immune activity.

The immune activity is getting bigger in that last bit of mole area.

A ring has been formed around the edge of the lesion now.  The fight is on.  It hurts.  I cover it in a tissue but don't use a bandaid as it is too big.  I just tuck the tissue into my bra which holds it in place ok.

The top got floppy so I pulled it back.  The depth is incredible.  I started to wonder at this stage if I was going to have a big hole scar in my chest.  I kept the faith in my body's ability to heal and knit.

Some days later and the whole top fell off.  Exposed, it is still very sore.   You can see by the inflammation and pus that the immune system is still fighting.

Although still fighting, this is starting to show signs of healing.  Of winning!

The deep red ring and the tightness of skin are signs of healing, of filling in that crater beneath.   It had been about 4 weeks by this stage which is about three weeks longer than peroxide takes and I was really sick of the whole thing and decided to give up using the herbs, assuming the job was done and that my body had only to heal the infection and skin.  I was to learn this was a bad decision.

Definitely filled in and healing.  

Still healing.  However, I didn't notice at the time, but the activity in the center of the lesion was my body's attempt to continue the fight.  I should have helped it.  You'll see why soon.

Another angle to see how filled in that crater has become.  It is almost at skin level now.

This is it all "sewn up" by my own internal cellular surgeons.   That "scab" in the middle was the activity mentioned in the last photos. 

This is the area 4 months later.  Only the lighting makes the scar look so obvious, it is ordinarily very hard to see which is amazing as I thought it would be very obvious for at least a year.  However, the mole is growing back, as you can see from the "freckle" in the middle.  That was the activity you could see at the very end in the center.  I didn't get all the little bugs, they didn't all die, and they are using my melanocytes I assume (cells that produce melanin, which causes the dark colour) and collecting together and strengthening to form a group.  Whether or not it become a raised tumor again will not be known because...  

... I intend on starting over again.  I'm rather disappointed it is attempting to come back.  However, I did achieve several things.  I successfully removed a mole without surgery.  I did it simply with herbs, which is as extraordinary as it sounds.  I demonstrated what could be occurring on the inside when we use these herbs to treat internal tumors and cancers.  I have seen evidence that the same thing happens with skin cancers.  The experiment also clearly showed that the mole was an active hive of microorganisms.  I do not know if they are viruses, bacteria or fungi, but they are something, just as I suspected.  

I have duplicated this several times now in others.  I have pictures of those ones also which I may put up at a later date.  

If you still haven't looked at my cancer page, perhaps this is compelling enough for you to do so now... go on, it might save your life.

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